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9:14 - 07-06-06
the four week long job application
Blah, it's going to be ANOTHER week before Dollar General gets their head out of their butt! The manager is now just sending in the paperwork, meanwhile, I have no clue how I'm going to pay rent for July or August! AHHH! HELP!

Liz renewed her seller's permit, so she can make and sell jewelry again! Yay! And she's offered to pay me if I can help her set up.

On other fronts, I may apply for a job at the cheese factory, where Clayton works nights. It pays between $9-$10 an hour! While D.G. only pays $6.50, so I could move into a real apartment, get a phone, maybe even internet! And I'd have a fridge, a stove, my own bathroom, and wow...COLD WATER!!!

This is cute, one of the librarians is giving a tour of the library to a group of young kids, she just explained the meaning of the "circulation desk".

I miss being four foot tall and having the dick the size of a gerkin...

7:18 - 06-23-06
Madison: the cows are everywhere!
Time tomake the scary devils go away. I'm here in Madison,my last day here. There's still a few people I haven't seen yet, I don't think it'll happen this time.

I'm sorry.:)

Got allmy errands done, so I think I'll be able to keep my job now.

I just feel detached right now. I'm not sure why. But I'll be okay.


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