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5:11 - 06-06-06


Yes it's the day of the Devil, and he's being a naughty lil troublemaker.

There seems to be an invisable hand, knocking things over, hiding things, just generally causing chaos wherever it goes.

To top it off, I have a horrible horrible tooth ache.

Anyways, I bring you porn!


PS: I might have a job washing dishes at the truck stop, $200. a week!

1:07 - 06-01-06
Spontaneous Poetry
I am walking on air
like in the cartoon
thought I was on solid ground
thought my thoughs were reliable
but they slip out
and my feet forget to fall
falling is just too much
so I hang there in mid air
I can see everything
a white dove just flew by
how pretty
but I can't look down
I cannot give up
I have a place
in the middle of the sky
no roots, no foundation
not a home, but not failure
just hangin' around
until they build some stairs.

-Andrew Luse

1:05 - 06-01-06
Rock Lake Friendly #1
Life is... **PRIMAL SCREAM**

Yeah, it's not particularily bad, actually a lot of good things have happened. But, but, but I don't have a foot hold or a root to speak of, I'm just kinda here right now.

The poetry club was an idea, I couldn't find any writer's groups in Lake Mills, so I started one. I have no idea if anyone's going to show up, but I've been putting up fliers everywhere over the past 2 days, so I hope someone sees it.

It's going to be good though, I can feel it. It's going to work.

Clayton, hmmm, we're just friends right now. Nothing happened between us, no fights, just a bit of rationality. When we met, we got a lil crazy passionate, promising all kinds of now we're starting again. Taking our time, going at our own speed. Which is a good thing right now.

I am still job hunting, but my bills are still being paid anyways, so I can stop freaking out about that. Every day I'm here, I freak out a lil less. It's very relaxing here, quiet. Except between the hours of about 1-4pm, ever god dammned car, truck, motorcycle in the whole nation comes rolling through here, and it takes you 5min to cross the street, cause they don't have traffic lights here. It's an accident waiting to happen, and it never does, even though no one uses their bloody turn signals!

It's the pyramids in Rock Lake, they make everyone pleasant, quiet, and crazy maniac drivers-yet safe enough not to hit other crazy drivers. They come here to protect the pyramids, that's my conclusion, they're here to build this serene energy wall "everythings okay, we like it that way, now go away" barrier that keeps everyone decent.

I'm still getting the glares of "who are you? why are you here? that's nice, now please go away!"
So I've been walking around, everywhere, getting my excersise, exploring Lake Mills, but deep down I'm making myself visable to the natives. So they can say to themselves from the saftey of their coffee shop womb "there he goes again, everyday, just walking and walking"

I'm turning into Garrison Keilor.


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